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by Jana Iverson

Dielines are crucial to your packaging design. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to preparing dielines for printing!

by Shanon Dunlap

Explore the differences between decals, stickers, and labels. Learn each option’s benefits and disadvantages to help make an informed …

by Jana Iverson

Discover affordable DIY packaging ideas for small businesses and learn how to make your own custom packaging to leave …

by Jana Iverson

Take a deeper dive into biodegradable packaging and why you should make the switch to custom cornstarch packaging for …

by Benjamin Liu

Understand the meaning of unboxing, why YouTube unboxing videos benefit your businesses and the importance of the unboxing experience.

by Shanon Dunlap

Making and selling your stickers could be easy! Check out this quick guide on how to make custom sticker …

by Jana Iverson

The CMYK color system is the most popular system for printing a range of different products including packaging. Learn …

by Jana Iverson

AQ coatings are the most common finishing solution for packaging. Learn all about how AQ coating can benefit your …

by Jana Iverson

Foil stamping is a specialty printing process featuring a glistening shiny finish. Learn all about foil stamping for your …

by PakFactory

A comprehensive guide to folding carton packaging showcasing its various popular styles and everything else you need to know …

by Jana Iverson

Cool & creative packaging doesn’t have to be costly. Get inspired by these affordable elements you can add into …

by Jana Iverson

Offset printing is one of, if not, the most popular printing technique across a range of different industries. Explore …

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