Scodix Digital Enhancement

Scodix digital enhancement offers a digital equivalent to various special printing finishes at a more cost-effective and time-efficient rate for small to medium-sized runs.

  • Cost Effective
  • Digital equivalent to special printing finishes
  • Ideal for small-medium runs
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A breakthrough in fully digital enhancement press, Scodix Digital Enhancement offers a wide range of specialty printing finishes with multi-application capabilities all in one single machine. Scodix digital enhancement is primarily designed for packaging applications, making this printing press a cost-effective and time-efficient solution for small to medium-sized production runs. In addition, its unique digital capabilities have made it financially achievable for businesses of any size to create exceptional unboxing experiences for their customers.

Scodix Digital Enhancement Capabilities


Scodix Print

Add a luxury look and feel to ordinary print runs. Ink is printed on the substrate after lamination, adding a raised ink edge to the print.

Foil Printing

Scodix Foil Print

Popular for printing logos, foil printing layers UV coatings with foil film to create luminous, eye-catching designs.

UV printing

Scodix UV Print

UV varnish is digitally applied to surfaces to enhance the color vibrancy and bring artwork designs to the forefront.

Scodix Spot

Scodix Spot

UV print enhances color vibrancy and can be applied to selective areas to create surface depth and a glossy finish.


Scodix Glitter

Scodix Foil and Sense printing combination process creates a glitter texture that feels real but leaves no mess.

Scodix Sense

Scodix Sense

Scodix sense creates an embossed look and feel to your design using raised varnish textures.


Scodix Metallic

Used in combination with Scodix Sense, metallic coloring is added to the substrate using the CMYK color process.

Scodix Uncoated

Scodix Uncoated

Scodix uncoated offers high-quality digital printing to uncoated substrates.

Scodix Braille

Scodix Braille

Create accessible packaging by digitally adding thick layers of varnish to the surface to create readable braille text.

Scodix Cast&Cure

Scodix Cast & Cure

Using Scodix Foil printing, Scodix Cast & Cure creates eye-catching holographic designs that emulate a 3D effect.