Textured paper is a premium grade paper stock that features a textured surface for high quality printing and finishing. Ideal for creating luxury paper bags and boxes, textured paper adds a higher perceived value to any product.

  • Textured surface for high quality printing and finishing
  • Durable and tear-resistant
  • Offers a luxury feel


Textured paper features a silky smooth surface that has been designed to maintain the natural characteristics of smooth high quality art paper. Ideal for creating luxury paper bags or high quality folding carton boxes, textured paper is a thick, durable and tear resistant material that can add a lot of value to products of any size. Available in various textures and in different finishes, textured paper does a superior job when foil stamped, and embossed. Various coatings or laminates can be added to textured paper to accommodate speciality printing or to maintain surface color consistency.

Cardboard Thickness

kraft paper weight chart

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table

Basestock Properties (Units) Nominal Basis Weight (GSM) Caliper (Inches) Thickness (Microns) Commonly Used For
12pt 250gsm 0.012” 305μ Bags
14pt 275gsm 0.014” 356μ Takeout Boxes, Cups
16pt 300gsm 0.016” 406μ Heavy duty bags, Takeout Box
18pt 350gsm 0.018” 456μ All box packaging
24pt 400gsm 0.024” 610μ Heavy duty boxes
28pt 527gsm 0.028” 710μ Very heavy duty boxes
Texture Surface
Bare White
Water Blue
Frost Grey
Glacier Blue
Sea Blue
Meteor Dots
Tea Green
Dove Grey
Wild White
Eames Solar White
ESSE White
Eames White
Sunny Beggie