Grey Chipboard Cardboard

Made from recycled material, grey chipboard cardboard is also known as uncoated recycled paperboard. This material is popular for its thick and sturdy construction making it ideal for creating luxury packaging such as rigid boxes.

  • Thick and sturdy
  • Made from recycled material
  • Ideal for luxury packaging
  • Overview

    Popular for producing luxury packaging such as rigid box structures, grey chipboard packaging offers products support and durability thanks to its thickness. Also known as uncoated recycled paperboard, this material is made up of up to 100% recycled content, making this material an eco-friendly packaging option for luxury products. When used for luxury packaging such as rigid set up boxes, the chipboard is usually made of thick 800GSM~2100GSM board wrapped in specialty paper to create an optimal surface for printing. This material is the highest quality chipboard available and is commonly used for packaging cosmetics, electronics, wine and spirits as well as apparel and jewelry.

    Cardboard Thickness

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